Everyone is invited to celebrate Goa Gil's birthday this weekend, October 11 th , 2003 , near Angel's Camp in Northern California . Gil will guide us in his tradition of redefining the ancient tribal ritual. Be prepared for serious extended dancing to the newest tracks collected by Gil on his European summer tour. 

In the spirit of the original Goa parties this will be a free party, please bring your friends and family for a weekend of dancing together. Please bring enough food and water for the weekend and a "leave no trace" attitude. Everyone is asked to take extra care and responsibility for each other, themselves and the land where we will be dancing. Please take your trash/recycling home with you and manage your actions during the party responsibly. This is a remote location, please plan appropriately.

Many heartfelt thanks to those who are contributing resources for this free party- John Wood for his 20,000 watt sound system called "Mackie Fussion", Marcel for donation of his land, Dreamer John for visuals, the entire crew organizing and setting up, and of course Gil for hours and hours of mind bending psytrance.

Special note about parking: Marcel, the landowner has graciously donated his land for this free party in spite of his poor financial situation. Marcel will be asking for a $5 per car parking charge. This money goes directly to Marcel for maintenance of the land and to preserve it for further use by this community. Please carpool to minimize the cost to you.

Also, we will have a special goddess altar dedicated to Ariane who is suffering from a serious knee injury that will require surgery within the next week or so. Without insurance, this necessary surgery will be very costly to Gil and Ariane . Please visit the Goddess altar to make a donation toward paying for Ariane's surgery. Many blessings to all who can help out with this.

The collective intention for this gathering is to create a warm family vibration for everyone in the community. We are all one family and we hope for a wonderful weekend for everyone.


Friends of Gil