March 27, 2023 - Update from Babaji !!!

Om Namo Narayan !!!

Hello Friends, Family & Well Wishers!

Now it is one month since I came home from the hospital,
and Mathaji has been taking the best care of me,
forgetting herself completely in her seva, and obviously without her selfless seva
I would be lost here trying to do it all myself !!!

I have had 2 cycles of the Chemo Therapy with the 3rd cycle due next week...
The Doctors are very happy with the results so far!
Already after the first round, all the lumps in my neck shrunk,
dried up and basically disappeared!

Recently, after the 2nd round of chemo, the Doctors ordered a PET scan to get a
baseline reading on where we are at with all of this, the PET scan technology is
amazing and basically they can see quite clearly what is going on in every part of my
body, and it seems that the colonies of tumors that were lining my stomach have
also shrunk, dried up and basically disappeared!

After the first treatment and some side effects, the Doctors also changed my
treatment program to some other drugs more targeted to my specific cancer that would take a
little longer but would be less toxic on my system and thereby have less side effects! :)
Next week I have my 3rd Cycle of Chemo Therapy, so we are almost half way there,
as I believe they said it is 6 cycles for the Cure!

Now a bit about my physical condition:
Between the Cancer, the Chemo drugs and all the other various drugs they have me on,
my take on my physical condition is a bit confused...
All I know is that I do not have the power and the stamina that
I had before all of this happened... I manage to do a few things in the day,
sometimes go shopping for food supplies, go for a walk, go for Doctors
appointments, I manage to drive myself around a bit for errands, but my energy is
limited and I get tired very easily, and require a lot of rest in between
everything! I am going with the flow and trying to manage everything properly!
Hopefully as the cure progresses my energy and stamina will return as it has been previously!

So that is my update so far...

More news soon !!!
Wishing you all the best !!!

May All Beings Be Happy !!!

Har Har Mahadev !!!
Jai Shri Mahakal !!!

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