Come celebrate the gift of Life through sacred art and ecstatic dance.
Join us as we re-discover and re-create our connection to the source of inspiration and vision.
May we experience directly our true nature as open and vibrant beings to share this with the world.
The oldest and most universal path to this experience is Trance-Dance.
As Gil says, "Since the beginning of time, humankind has used music and dance to commune with the spirits of nature and the spirits of the universe."
Sunset drum invocation followed by Ariane's ethno-tribal mix begins the journey.
Ritual continues through the weekend as Gil brings future sounds that induce primal movements.
We may meet demons and soar with angels; in this all-night and all-day cyber-shamanic ritual trance-dance, we shake ourselves awake and alive.
Some preparation time can be helpful for the journey, everyone is invited to camp in the forest throughout the weekend.
Swim and play by the beach or by the 'falls', hike up the creek or through the forest.
Come relax, sauna, and sing on Friday night.
Blissful, devotional chants and dance with Jaya Lakshmi and Deva Priyo at 10PM on Friday.

Entheogenic art show: amazing works by local visionaries such as
Jarod Knapp
David Heskin
Jonathan Weber
Roman Villagrana
Luke Brown
Ver de Luz
Arun and others
Community Kitchen: Bring your own utensils, cups, bowls and contributions for meals all weekend.
3D Visions: Fractalicious and Depth Charge debut psychoactive 3D video visions 30 years in the making.
Gates open at 5PM on Friday.
Ritual begins at sunset on Saturday.

Recommended donation is $25.
$15 minimum will be requested at the gate.
Pre-sale tickets ($20) are advised, they guarantee entry and are available at the following outlets:

pdx SE: Mirador Community Store (2106 SE Division St.--503.231.5175)
pdx NE: New Rennaissance Resources for Conscious Living (1338 NW 23rd Av--503.224.4929)
eugene: Stargate Books Awareness Resource Store (1374 willamette st.--541.342.8348)

Located in a beautiful cascadian forest near Aumsville and Sublimity, we will celebrate 1.5 hours from Portland and Eugene.
Check, or 503-768-4059 for directions closer to the event.
See for rideshare--limited parking and dwindling oil resources make carpooling essential!!

Please take extra care and responsability for your self, eachother and the land.
Carpool and adopt a 'leave no trace' attitude--limit use of disposable containers and packagings, bring your own containers and leave with what you bring in. Alcohol and drug abuse jeopardize the safety of the gathering and are prohibited.
Please find a safer place for dogs.
Sunshine guaranteed, but be prepared for any weather (the dance-floor will be).

"We became so Tantric that we even made partying a valid spiritual path?.
Although it really is nothing new, as every tribal group since the beginning of time
has practiced this ancient ritual in order to go into Trance and commune with the Spirit.
We have only redefined it for this age?
so that there can be a direct Transmission and another Vision and Vibration be known.
Through the Trance Dance Experience hopefully people will become more aware of themselves,
their surroundings, the crossroads of humanity, and the needs of the planet?.
With that awareness comes understanding and compassion!!!
That is the need of the hour and the true Goa Spirit."

For more info about Gil and his mission, explore