This message is being sent to you from Goa Gil's birthday party on October 8th, in northern California.

"to have as good a time as we are having right now, @dawn,
your presence is required and requested."

I have gathered some other messages as well from people here at the party to send back to their past selves.

Bring sunscreen and shade for campsite. . .all nite rumours of snake and dog castrating monsters, so try not to bring them. remember to bring the portable kiddie pool from the backyard. carpool and spaceship pool

Info line # 415-820-9652

the small print . . .more info on pre-sale tickets available through paypal soon.  directions avaible on Friday.  Gates open at 5pm on Saturday October 8th, you are welcome to set up camp and stay until Monday afternoon. You will not be able to camp at your car, but the parking lot will be nearby.  Management is not responsible to any damages done to shoes, or socks, or sandals.  all animals are required to have a ticket for entry to the party.  Please, no ferrets or dogs. You are encouraged to bring drinking water and food. you are encouraged to carpool to maximize our communities resources.  please be mindful of your waste, and bring your trash with you.   7 portal potties will be provided.  is where you will find a tribe dedicated to carpools.  

more info for the party @

-your underground party providers