Driving Directions to Portland Goa Gil Party Sept. 27:


Take I-5 (south from Portland) to exit 216. Set odometer to 0. Turn right towards Halsey. Go 2 miles to Halsey and turn left onto 99E going south. Continue on 99E past Junction City (becomes 99)and then take a right onto Hwy 36 a few miles past Junction city. From I-5 to the turn off at Hwy 36 is approximately 18 miles. Take Hwy 37 all the way to Deadwood Creek Roadand take a right onto Deadwood Creek Road. There will be a post office and small shopat the turn off to Deadwood Creek Road;the turn off is betwee mile marker 13 and 14 on Hwy 36. This turn off will be 56 miles from I-5 exit 216. Stay straight on Deadwood Creek Road for 10 miles, and take a left at the T onto Upper Deadwood Creek Road. Go for 1 more mile and take another left at the Y and the dead end sign. The land will be 1 more mile ahead at the end of the road. n>