Friday, May 5th, 2000

[The Grand Alignment]

Goa Gil Trance Dance Initiation Ritual

with Transcendental Video Visions from Dr. Paradise

a free party in the forest

Witness the amazing Goa Gil on the night of the planetary alignment! Gil will bless us with nonstop psychedelic sounds from around the world... it could be 12 hours... it could last all weekend... the spirits will decide our destiny!!! this event will take place 1 hour east of Seattle, in the Snoqualmi forrest... the space is called Degobah, a magical moss covered wonderland, deep in the national forest... off in the distance, thru the treets, is a majestical river... a beautiful place to watch the sun rise... bring drums, food, water, and anything else you feel you will need all weekend... tents, sleeping bags, and camping gear are also recommended... this gathering is FREE for all, however, it is costing us over $2,000 to produce.... Donations will be graciously accepted from all who wish to contribute... A donation box will be (prominently displayed) to help offset the costs of the DJs and Equipment, please feel free to donate what you think is appropriate for your experience. Expect a one-hour drive.

Voice Mail: 206-264-4476


  1. From I-5 or 405 North or South take I-90 Eastbound
  2. Travel to EXIT 47 (45minutes East of Seattle)
  3. Go RIGHT off EXIT 47
  4. Go over bridge and RIGHT at "T"
  5. Travel 3 miles.
  6. Stay to your RIGHT at all times.
  7. Space is on the RIGHT hand side
  8. Look for the cars on the side of the road
  9. Walk thru the trees, and down the log

Please bring a sacred item for the community alter, and food for the potluck saturday afternoon! share these directions with your friends, but do not post them to any public mailing lists, or messageboards...

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